Beautiful Artwork by KAREN BENELLI

A fine artist for more than 20 years

Spreading Hope, Love, and Joy Through Paintings

At Special Me This in Bernalillo, NM, Karen’s goal is to bring light and happiness to the ever-changing world using art. She feels most at peace when she’s in touch with her craft, and she believes it makes people resonate more with her creations.

A New Appreciation for Life

Being a cancer survivor has given Karen the gift to treasure every moment of every day, capturing life-changing experiences through art.

Each brush stroke comes from her heart, hoping to reach the viewer.

Artistic Style

Her painting style ranges from detailed and naturalistic to abstract and representational. However, the heart of Karen’s work is an aesthetic that is characteristic of natïve or primitive art. Her paintings carry a message that conveys a work that is beautiful and mysterious at the same time.

A colorful painting of a parrot on a table.